[Imports-us] OSM US Import Document Draft

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 14:13:15 UTC 2013

Randal and all,

Let's remember that this is a discussion about a web page, not
regarding policy of any sort. This is about telling people about the
issue of imports with clear, factual information- telling them that
imports are welcome if they're carefully cultivated, but many
datasets, and many imports do not make it through the vetting process.

We also don't want to bog people down with information on their first
search, so a comprehensive list of data that goes in OSM vs data that
does not, or a discussion about licenses is beyond the scope of this
one web page.

It's also not the place to discuss questions or concerns about the
Import Guidelines. We may be able to work with the DWG on rewriting
those, but this page is just a one page summary of the issue of

And the "Questions to ask yourself" are just that- questions someone
should ask themselves. They are not rules in an of themselves. They're
like the information pamphlet you get when you go to adopt a pet "Ask
yourself, will you have time for your new pet?".

- Serge

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