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As a new person trying to understand the OSM community and culture, I find
this more confusing though it is insightful in and of itself.


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On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 12:09 PM, Serge Wroclawski <emacsen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> In light of recent activity, and frankly because we've had a large
> influx of new members (especially new members from the OSM US board)
> join the group in the last 3 days, I want to go over this group's
> history, its mission and its scope.
> For anyone who hasn't seen the talk I gave in San Fransisco, I
> strongly suggest you watch my video on the topic of the group:
> http://stateofthemap.us/saturday.html#schedule/saturday/the-u-s--imports-and-bots-oh-my
> Basically, when we started this group, "import" was a bad word in OSM.
> It was something that senior OSMers frowned upon, and there was a very
> combative atmosphere even on the imports at osm mailing list.
> I realized that this needed to change, that we needed imports, but
> that the problems being pointed out were serious and needed
> addressing. To that end, I decided that we'd make a new mailing list,
> and have face to face meetings. That second part, the face to face
> meetings, has been crucial. It has entirely shifted the tone of the
> discussions in many cases.
> And the results have been good, I think.
> But what folks may not realize (and I may not be making clear) is the
> very limited scope of the group within the OSM ecosystem. We're not
> the same as the imports at osm list and we don't supersede it.
> We also don't have control over the import guidelines. We can offer
> our help in changing them, but we can't control them or override them.
> We're like a neighborhood watch, we can work with, but never override
> the police.
> And so what is this latest draft? It's something that came out of the
> discussion at last week's meeting where the osm.us site would have an
> import onramp process, one which needed to be both welcoming and
> warning at the same time.
> So I've clearly not done a good job at conveying that, but also we
> (this group) has no control over the DWG- outside offering our help in
> order to change the process- and we have discussed doing that. But we
> discussed doing that in small stages. Maybe, as Alex suggests, we
> should take that on first, but that's something I'd like to discuss
> first, before we act.
> I hope this has cleared confusion, if there was any.
> - Serge
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