[Imports-us] OSM US Import Committee

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 19:46:06 UTC 2013


My issue is this is not "Serge vs Carol" or "Serge vs Randal". In
fact, I liked Randal for the few hours I met him back in Atlanta so
many years ago (that doesn't mean I don't like you- I've just never
met you).

I will tell you that I'm quite frustrated when I read comments like
this from you, "The fact that you have brought up on many occasions
that GIS folk couldn't possibly understand how perform high level
geospatial problem solving is quite frankly more than a little
insulting." - as I've never said, or implied any such thing.  You
might as well have said "Oh Serge, he tortures puppies and eats
babies". It certainly doesn't make me excited to work collaboratively
with you.

What I'm trying to do is limit the scope of the discussion to one
document because the other documents (the guidelines, the role of the
other groups, the role of the DWG) are separate. That doesn't mean I
don't care about them, but I was asked by Martijn (OSM US president)
to do something and that is what I'm doing for now.

Of course the import guidelines need modification. I agree they need
radical modification, and I bet if you polled most of the DWG they'd
say the same thing. But changing that will take more time than "Let's
throw a web page up talking about this issue directly".

I've been frustrated because I'm looking for feedback on one thing,
and the response has had a lot of other issues mixed in. It really
muddies the waters, which is why I've been saying "Let's stick just to
this, and only this way"- in order to try to get this done so that we
could move onto other topics. I just want to avoid taking on too much
at first and never getting it done. We've gone down that road a few
times, and I'm trying to learn from past mistakes.

- Serge

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