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Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Thu Nov 7 01:05:15 UTC 2013

Carol Kraemer <cakraemer at northrivergeographic.com> writes:

> This reads as though OSM only wants the GIS community involved if OSM
> reaches out to them. I point this out because this is really of great
> importance for me to understand about OSM. If OSM does not see GIS as a
> community member or potential community member then game over. I've got my

I think this phrasing points out the major disconnect.

OSM is a group of people who choose to work together to make OSM
better.  There are people with a variety of backgrounds.

"GIS community" is a bit hard to understand, but I'll take it as the set
of people who do GIS/etc. professionally, typically for a government or
a mapping company, go to the ESRI UC, obtain a GISP, belong to URISA, etc.

So the notion that OSM will interact with the "GIS community" has a
connotation of groups interacting with groups, via a memorandum of
understanding or something.  I can see why you'd use this sort of
language, because governments and companies interact this way.

Instead, I suggest that you think of this as

  Are people who consider themselves members of some "GIS community"
  welcome -- as individuals -- to become members of the OSM community?

and the answer in my experience is yes.

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