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On 11/07/2013 02:05 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
> OSM is a group of people who choose to work together to make OSM 
> better.  There are people with a variety of backgrounds.


> Instead, I suggest that you think of this as Are people who
> consider themselves members of some "GIS community" welcome -- as
> individuals -- to become members of the OSM community? and the
> answer in my experience is yes.


As I tried to point out, someone who does not identify with OSM -
someone who thinks "I am here and THEY are there, and I am willing to
import some of my data into THEIR database in order to help THEM" will
have a hard time, maybe to the point of being rejected.

But someone who says "I want to be part of the OSM project, and then I
can use the connections and resources that I have from my GIS background
to make OUR project better" will always be welcome.

Now of course this is just grammar and words, and some people might
*feel* one way and *express* themselves the other way for whatever
reason, but I think as a general rule-of-thumb this should work.

Carol, you wrote:
> This means that you don't see the people you are coordinating with
> to get the data as a member/supporter of OSM? For example, a real
> life one, if I work with my local government agencies and get them
> excited about OSM and potentially get them using OSM maps to better
> connect with other areas of our local community, even if they don't
> necessary create the data using OSM editing tools but *did* create
> the data, is not considered a member of OSM?

I think that an organisation that is sympathetic to OSM can "support
the project" or its goals, and since September it can also become a
member of the OSM Foundation to make this support publicly known and
visible. One might also use the words that, as data donors, they "are
part of the OSM ecosystem" or something like that.

But in my eyes, the OSM *community* is a group of *people*, with
beating hearts and souls and feelings, with enthusiasm, passion, even
love. This is not something that comes as part of an employment
contract. A government agency or a GIS company cannot force the people
working for them to meaningfully engage in the OSM community. I think
that while the individuals that form a government agency or a company
can always be bona fide OSM community members, an
organisation/corporation itself cannot, and neither can people who are
doing it just because it is their job.


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