[Imports-us] Request from OSM US Import Committee

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 13:34:17 UTC 2013


At last night's meeting, we discussed the issues we have around
understanding our import catalog. The wiki contains a category for
imports, but the pages within it are difficult to parse and when
something changes, they must be changed manually everywhere.

Paul brought up how the iOS software page is generated automatically
from a bot which gathers data from the wiki and then collects it on
one page.

Due to the importance of imports, we would like the same thing.

What's stopping us is resources. None of those in attendance last
night (myself, Paul Norman, Clifford Snow, Jason Remillard, or Rich
Welty) have the time to create a template and then modify the existing
pages to that template.

We decided that we would ask the community for help in this. We are
asking the US Import mailing list first, but also asking the board, in
case they have resources they could dedicate to this effort, which we
hope will be a large step forward in helping reform the chaos around
imports in OpenStreetMap.

Thank you,

- Serge

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