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If the source department maintains a persistent object id I recommend
including it in the import; you might tag it similarly to

union_county_ga:bldg_id : integer

On Sat, Nov 30, 2013 at 9:23 AM, Randal Hale <
rjhale at northrivergeographic.com> wrote:

>  Union County Georgia made their buildings (as well as roads) accessible
> through a public domain license - they've asked myself (rjhale1971) and
> Carol (geocak) to upload them into OpenStreetMap.
> So far:
>    - I added a row to the import catalog - but it appears to have
>    disappeared - so here is the page:
>    http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Data_Import_for_Union_County_Georgia
>    . I'll add it back to the catalog.
>     - The building footprint data came with addresses that had already
>    been spatially joined (conflated) - so each building has an address
>    consisting of housenumber, streetname, city, and zipcode.
>    - Buildings had been categorized (churches, commercial, houses, mobile
>    homes, accessory) by the GIS department and I moved that to match OSM tags.
>     - There are about 27000 building foot prints so I've divided the
>    county into a grid. Data will be uploaded and checked by grid - some
>    buildings do intersect the grid but it's a very rural area.
>     - This isn't a scripted import. Each grid will be checked in JOSM and
>       validated before it's uploaded.
>        - I pulled Churches and Schools out to add an amenity tag to
>       those. There are less than 70 polygons - they will be uploaded outside of
>       the grid method I've devised.
>       - We will be checking addresses against the highway name in OSM.
>    - Finally - I'll be encouraging the Union County GIS department to
>    interact with OSM more - they've expressed an interest in doing more with
>    it - as have other counties in the area. So I hope this is spurs their
>    involvement. I'm not encouraging them to upload - but to edit and work with
>    the map.
>     - Both Carol and myself will have a separate import account (in the
>    process of making that - It will most likely be rjhale1971_import and
>    geocak_import.
> I would like to do a small upload to check everything at some point this
> weekend - I expect the entire process to take a week or more if I don't run
> into problems. If I do I stop and re-evaluate.
> Randy
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