[Imports-us] Restarting NYC building and address imports

Alex Barth alex at mapbox.com
Sun Feb 16 23:45:42 UTC 2014

Aaron Lidman, Nick Ingalls and myself worked over the past couple of weeks
to address open issues w/ the NYC building and address import.

Full issue list: https://github.com/osmlab/nycbuildings/issues/88


- At this point, all conversion issues are addressed
- Existing data issues are addressed with very few exceptions.
- In the last hangout we decided that a fully community based import is not
suitable and there were misunderstandings. We'll switch to a mode where we
do the import with a handful of registered participants this we can make
sure each participant is trained properly. Everyone is welcome.

We're at a good place to restart and would love to get a review here.
Paul's list is a good agenda

Is there an imports-us hangout tomorrow Monday / 17th 7PM? If so, I'd be
ready to discuss. I can also do another day if that works better for

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