[Imports-us] Address Data Import for Fulton County, Georgia

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 00:06:25 UTC 2014

Cross posting is bad, my apologies.

On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 5:50 PM, Saikrishna Arcot <saiarcot895 at gmail.com>wrote:

> > 1. What is the license for this data?
> The data is in the public domain. I've edited the wiki page to specify
> this.

Where is this information from? Is there a county website saying that it's
public doamin? Is there metadata on the original data that says this?

> > 3. The Conversion
> >
> >  There are tags in the dataset which do not make any sense, such as
> > STATUS=A and FILEVER, none of the tags have been lowercased, none of
> > the addresses have been name expanded. All of this needs to be cleaned
> > up and corrected before the data could be added to OSM.
> >
> Those tags are in the dataset itself; those exact tags won't be present
> in OSM. The tags that will be used in OSM, as outlined in the Conversion
> section, are addr:housenumber, addr:street, and possibly addr:city.

The data I looked at was in the OSM XML format, under the heading
"Converted OSM file"- that is where I would expect to see the converted
data that would be uploaded to OSM.

> Looking at the data again, there is a immutable GEO_OID field that
represents a unique, internal ID. This perhaps, could be used for updates.

I'm interested in the process- how do you propose updates to this dataset
in the future? How will your process handle data modified by users?

Also, I neglected to ask about your upload process. You mentioned a custom
program, but how will you handle issues of conflation? Who will do the
import? If it's a custom application- will the source be available for

Perhaps it might be best if you re-proposed the import once your process is
more fully worked out?

- Serge
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