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On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 2:53 AM, Richard Finegold
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> 1) Do the street signs have the text "County Road" in them? (Any photos?)
> 2) Do residential and business postal addresses include "County Road"?

Very good questions... after looking around a bit it seems that this
could be an Indiana-specific problem.

County roads here are labeled in a grid system around that county's
origin point (usually a city center). So, "CR E 500 S" is the eastern
half of an east-west road that's 5 miles south of the city center.
Signs would say "500 South" along the road. (You know your coordinates
based on the intersecting road.)

A resident living about 3.5 mi. east of the meridian might write their
address as "351 East 500 South". Addresses like "351 E CR 500 S" are
also acceptable, although the words "County Road" seem to be used more
often when speaking about the road itself. TIGER is very inconsistent
and sometimes inaccurate, and you'll see their errors propagated to
other map vendors. I don't know if there's one format that would fit
all use cases.

Here's an alternate source: http://www.cohp.org/in/notes/road_names.html

This is somewhat related to the question of whether the directional
prefix is part of the house number or street name.

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