[Imports-us] fleet manager speed reports

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Wed Mar 4 20:10:55 UTC 2015

Hi All,

I've posted a batch of speed reports to maproulette.  The first batch is
- just in USA
- just motorways
- with no existing maxspeed tag

There are about 2000 of these at the moment.

Is this all new to you?  I'll recap.

Last year, I was approached by a fleet management firm.  They have
vehicles and drivers.  it is in their best interest that the drivers
can complete their rounds promptly and without speeding.  When the
vehicle thinks the driver is speeding, there is a BEEP in the vehicle,
so the driver knows, and a notation is made in the vehicle log.

The driver and their supervisor go over the log and examine the places
where the vehicle thinks that they were speeding.  Where they weren't
speeding, because the posted speed is higher than the vehicle thinks
the speed should be, they provide to us the actual posted speed limit,
and the OpenStreetMap way_id. So that we can improve speed limit data
in OpenStreetMap.

Really nice.

So we have all of these driver reports, sort of like NOTES, but notes
are points, and using a point to define a maxspeed tag won't always

This isn't a perfect maproulette challenge, either, because it can't
be confirmed by aerial imagery with remote contributors.  Ideally, you
should have local knowledge.

Have a look at the Speed Report challenge on maproulette.  Currently I
wasn't able to restrict maproulette to challenges in my local area.
I've sent them an issue for that.  if we like the way this works,
there are many more speed limit reports to include in OpenStreetMap
data.  And more of them every month.

Best regards,


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