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Harald Kliems kliems at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 20:52:17 UTC 2015

I have no clue how to implement this, but this seems like a great
opportunity for integration with Mapillary imagery. They don't (yet?) have
automatic speed limit sign detection, but the combination of your data and
their imagery for confirmation would make for a great maproulette challenge.


On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 2:12 PM Richard Weait <richard at weait.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I've posted a batch of speed reports to maproulette.  The first batch is
> - just in USA
> - just motorways
> - with no existing maxspeed tag
> There are about 2000 of these at the moment.
> Is this all new to you?  I'll recap.
> Last year, I was approached by a fleet management firm.  They have
> vehicles and drivers.  it is in their best interest that the drivers
> can complete their rounds promptly and without speeding.  When the
> vehicle thinks the driver is speeding, there is a BEEP in the vehicle,
> so the driver knows, and a notation is made in the vehicle log.
> The driver and their supervisor go over the log and examine the places
> where the vehicle thinks that they were speeding.  Where they weren't
> speeding, because the posted speed is higher than the vehicle thinks
> the speed should be, they provide to us the actual posted speed limit,
> and the OpenStreetMap way_id. So that we can improve speed limit data
> in OpenStreetMap.
> Really nice.
> So we have all of these driver reports, sort of like NOTES, but notes
> are points, and using a point to define a maxspeed tag won't always
> work.
> This isn't a perfect maproulette challenge, either, because it can't
> be confirmed by aerial imagery with remote contributors.  Ideally, you
> should have local knowledge.
> Have a look at the Speed Report challenge on maproulette.  Currently I
> wasn't able to restrict maproulette to challenges in my local area.
> I've sent them an issue for that.  if we like the way this works,
> there are many more speed limit reports to include in OpenStreetMap
> data.  And more of them every month.
> Best regards,
> Richard
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