[Imports-us] [Imports] fleet manager speed reports

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Wed Mar 4 21:14:40 UTC 2015

In my work with a different fleet management firm, the questions of speed
limit are often resolved through use of a forward facing driver camera.
The video from the same camera is used to resolve other alerts (fast
stops/starts, tight turns, bumps, backing up (a highly restricted activity
in certain vehicle classes)).

Is video from the vehicle, or Mapillary photos, applicable here?


Note that speed limits can be complicated.

I have a road here that's hardly signed at all, but legally 35mph.
Periodically along this are school zones signed 25Mph "when children are
and 25Mph zones for specific intersections near senior centers.  The cross
streets are
25Mph for 500 feet on either side of the schools, all the time.  Average
speed is of
course north of the limit everywhere.
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