[Imports-us] RFC: LA County building import

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 05:45:32 UTC 2016


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We are proposing a building import of the public domain building and
assessor data for LA County [0].
This covers ~3M buildings for the whole county (2008 - 2014). Two
datasets from LA county will be imported.
The building data for geometry and the assessors data for building use
(i.e. residential, commercial, etc.).
There is also an address data but we are punting this for now due to
various data conflation issues.

Before we go ahead with the process, we are requesting the community
for review and approval:

* Scripts and conversion available in github [1] based on NYC imports process.
* Workflow for a community managed manual import [2].
* Sample data for evaluation, available in a custom Tasking Manager
[3].  Please evaluate the data and test the

Do not import any data into the main OSM DB.  If you want to test the
full import process use the OSM dev server.
For any issues, please post in the Github [4].


In behalf of the team,

Alan McConchie, @almccon
Jon Schleuss, @jschleuss
Omar Ureta, @cityhubla
Maning Sambale, @maningsambale

- [0] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Los_angeles,_California/Buildings_Import
- [1] https://github.com/osmlab/labuildings
- [2] https://github.com/osmlab/labuildings/blob/master/IMPORTING.md
- [3]
- [4] https://github.com/osmlab/labuildings/issues

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