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Elliott Plack elliott.plack at gmail.com
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This looks like a nice dataset to add to the map. Pedestrian routing is
great. I like how you've accessed the smoothness of each section.

_JOSM Pro tip_
Install the UtilsPlugin2 plugin!
When you drop a bunch overlapping lines like this in JOSM, this makes it
easy to add nodes at intersections.
Run the validator to find all of the places where there are intersections.
There should be some at every intersection * 4. Select all of the errors in
the validator (which selects the overlapping lines en masse) and then press
"Shift-I". This will create a node connecting any overlapping lines exactly
where they overlap. Review for unintended overlaps! It might be good to do
it in small sections. After pressing "Shift-I", all of the new nodes are
selected as well, so you can add one of the point crossing tags. I don't
know what the consensus is on that tagging, but it is important that
sidewalks and roads intersect.

_A few comments_
- Make sure to drop that ArcGIS `Shape_Leng` field. No use for that in OSM.
- Review the parts where the sidewalk is on a bridge, e.g. over Paint
Creek. Add the appropriate bridge tags there.
- If you have any data on ramps or tactile paving, that is useful for ADA
- There are few discontinuous sections of sidewalk (near Rawling and
Blackstone). To keep things routable, tie them in to the street grid with a



On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 11:45 AM Malcolm Meyer <mmeyer at ovrdc.org> wrote:

> Please review our sidewalk import.
> The web map showing the proposed imports with OSM as the basemap is
> available here<
> https://www.ovrdc.org/apps/osm-sidewalk-project.html#14/39.5340/-83.4460>.
> If you want you can leave feedback on that map or reply to this email.
> We have not been able to get hoot up and running, so are looking at JOSM
> for the import, merging our shapefile with the OSM data. We are still
> getting familiar with JOSM, so this may take some time.
> There are a few areas where the existing sidewalks overlap. We will use
> existing data instead of our own for these cases.
> Helpful comments appreciated.
> Also, what are the next steps before we should move forward with the
> import?
> Thanks
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