[Imports-us] Miami-Dade County Address and Building import.

Levente Juhász jlevente89 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 12:48:49 UTC 2018

Thanks everyone who pitched in so far with ideas and feedback, and thanks
Leif for informing others on the mailing lists.

The workflow we used (data processing, conflation, etc) might be useful for
other projects aiming to add addresses and building from governmental
sources. All code have been moved to a new GitHub repo [1]. Currently, the
tool is not super user friendly but you get the idea. I have plans to make
it more flexible in the (near) future so that the workflow can be easily
adaptable in other counties/cities in the US.


[1] https://github.com/SouthFLMappers/OSMImport2018

On Sat, Oct 20, 2018, 9:27 PM Leif Rasmussen <354lbr at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone!
> Me, jlevente, grouper, mangokm40, and adamold have been planning an import
> of all missing buildings and addresses in Miami-Dade County.  The import
> was previously discussed on the imports mailing list, but much has changed
> since.
> Details:
> * Wiki page: https://wiki.osm.org/wiki/Miami-Dade_County_Address_Import
> * Tasking Manager Project: https://tasks.openstreetmap.us/project/83
> * Original data source:
> https://gis-mdc.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/eef6b33da60d47c0964387960c840eea_0?geometry=-80.274%2C25.715%2C-80.272%2C25.715
> All data transformation has been completed by jlevente and the import is
> ready to go.  It should start in a couple of days if no issues are raised.
> Anyone will be welcome, and encouraged, to help with importing.  I will try
> my best to recruit local mappers to help with importing.
> The data is available from inside the tasking manager project.  For anyone
> interested in testing data quality, please do the following steps:
> * Open JOSM, and make sure that the "remote control" setting is activated.
> * Click this link:
> http://localhost:8111/import?new_layer=true&url=http://jlevente.com/OSMImport2018_Miami/tracts/mia_76.osm
> * If you can't activate the remote control feature, click this link
> instead: http://jlevente.com/OSMImport2018_Miami/tracts/mia_76.osm  Then,
> open the file with JOSM.
> Thanks for all feedback on this project, and please send more if needed.
> Leif Rasmussen
> www.osm.org/user/LeifRasmussen
Levente Juhasz
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