[Imports-us] Request discussion of importing election precinct shape files into Bell County Texas

Levente Juhász jlevente89 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 17:24:11 UTC 2019

Hi David,

If I understand you correctly, you want to overlay precinct boundaries on
top of an OSM basemap and also show some additional information (voter
list) based on these spatial units. This mailing list is concerned with
adding external data to OpenStreetMap on the database level rather than
possible applications. What you described here sounds more like a GIS
project that can be done in a desktop GIS software, or even with some
online apps.

MapHub (https://maphub.net) is one alternative you could try. It lets you
upload polygon "layers" and it will show you the boundaries on top of a
basemap. I believe there are several other tools out there that could help

Even though precincts may have a place in OSM, a data import would require
a lot of thoughts, familiarity with OSM data structures, software, and
careful execution of the discussed import plan on your end.

Hope this helps,

On Sun, Feb 3, 2019 at 9:12 PM David Carter <dcarter204040 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have studied all day and realize I must discuss my "possible project"
> with the community and have community approval or disapproval.
> To begin with, I do not know enough to judge if my project is feasible
> without wreaking havoc with the OSM data.
> First, I notice a line in a tutorial that OSM does not use "layers" - it
> uses "data"
> . . . If it DID use layers, I'd propose putting these precinct boundaries
> in a "layer" that could be turned on or off.
> There are 48 contiguous precincts in Bell County.  I have obtained a zip
> file with the .shp shape files for all the precincts in Texas.   I propose
> to unzip, select the 48 precincts for Bell County, and have a thin yellow
> line outline each precinct
> . . . . . . . Objective would be to zoom the map until all or most of a
> "target" precinct was touching the computer monitor's screen, then take a
> screen shot and print it as a "precinct map".  Then zoom in on neighborhood
> segments of the precinct for use by the planners and assigners of of "walk
> routes" in neighborhoods, and for use by the block walkers/volunteers to
> use.
> . . . . Or, paperless, the planners and block walkers could pull up the
> map on their mobile device they have the precinct voter list on.  That
> voter list data/spreadsheet info for all 48 precincts is already in Google
> Sheets in the "cloud".
> Your thoughts?
> David Carter
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