[Imports-us] I made a big mistake

Crystal Williams-Brown crystal.williams.brown at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 22:12:22 UTC 2019

I am working with a team to build an app that will provide handicap
accessible pedestrian routes to North Carolina citizens and hopefully, all
of America someday. We plan to use OpenStreetMap to get the data for making

We've been having mapathons to add data to OpenStreetMap. However, we also
received sidewalk data for a few cities in NC, from the cities themselves.
The person who was supposed to work on importing that data for us never
did. So I decided to see if I could upload it to OpenStreetMap today with
JOSM. I was able to get the data for Durham uploaded but realized after
talking to a team member that I was supposed to do all these steps before
importing so I'd have approval.

I requested a review when I was uploading, I don't know if that halts my

I'm very sorry. I will follow the steps now. I could use some
guidance since I'm completely new to GIS and JOSM. I am a Rails programmer.

Crystal Williams-Brown
crystal.williams.brown at gmail.com
Call: 252-767-7123
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