[Imports] Optimal ChangeSet size

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Wed Jul 22 18:11:02 BST 2009

What is the optimal size of a changeset, and what are the tradeoffs in 
changing the size?   From what I understand, the API limit is 50000 , but it 
would be good to keep below this so that later revisions to the changeset do 
not push it over.

  bulk_upload.php sets its limit at 1000 , which seems a bit small when 
uploading lots of data - 50,000 nodes will create 50 changesets.      Is 
there any disadvantage to many changesets?   Nodes are more likely to be in 
different changesets than the ways.

  Increasing the size might result in more lost upload time in case of a 
network error - a larger changeset upload session will be lost.     On the 
other hand, if I increase the limit to 5000 or 10000 , does this slow down 
future map edits by requiring fetching larger amounts of data from 
changesets?  (I'm not sure how that works).



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