[Imports] Massive polygons

Emilie Laffray emilie.laffray at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 09:06:25 BST 2009


we are now in the process of importing polygons from Corine manually
through the page http://osmose.openstreetmap.fr/clc (you need the JOSM
remote control plugin to open an osm file in JOSM), but we have stumbled
accross a problem with nearly all editors.
We have several extremely massive polygons barely opening in JOSM (some
people reported 3 mn to open one of those files), while Merkaator is
performing better. However, in both cases, the editors are too slow to
work with. My question is more in the realm of should we let them be and
remove automatically the overlap areas from those polygons (SQL query
already written) or should we cut them (program almost ready, but we
lose the integrity of the polygon should a newer version of that polygon
is coming)?

Thank you in advance,
Emilie Laffray

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