[Imports] Imports: technical method & social impact

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 23:13:45 BST 2009

Anyone up for a uStream.tv conference?
I'll see if i can get some space next week.

Re: Imports
There seems to be 2 discussions here.

1 - the technical methods (which there are many, depending on the
type/structure of the source.

2 - the social impact -method. As since there are x number of mappers,
thats a variable that we can't control.
-we can post on the IRC/talk lists / wiki list / country wiki & direct
message users,
... But we cant get to everyone.

Also, when i say 'we the talk-ca list thinks this ...' how many people
am i actually speaking for? ONE. I can only speak for myself.
We come to a concensus, only because those who disagree eithor dont
know that a vote is called, or dont have time to fully express there
views. (5 of 100 mappers, aint that great & there is no way to count
how many people do agree or didnt read the talk list)

They might have EXCELLENT and valid ideas, but its not until the data
is 'imported' that people complain.

Hence, making data available 1st, then locally, discover methods to
'drop in' data more efficiently.
Ie. Slice it into managable squares, and locally 'drop in' the data.

This is why im using my local area as a 'test bed' so i can show
people how stuff looks.

So this 'test bed area' review isnt limited to the Canadian OSM
community, these are international mapping standards that im trying to
conform to .... Ie Coastline / natural=water is universal.

Just like how i shouldnt be importing data for Winnipeg, but i can
still do the conversion, and make it available.

I guess the other issue is this. Why is it just 1 person making the
conversion program?
-only because i dont know of a website that will handle community editing of it.
-googleDocs allows for comunity editing of a single txt file, i can
now have all the rules.txt files in a 'shared folder'. (and others can
zip it & make it available)

... And there's the  'someone from afar dropped data here & doesnt
know that this pond doesnt exist, why should i edit someone elses
... Thats all for now


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