[Imports] ourFootPrints.de data import has started

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason avarab at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 11:25:49 GMT 2010

(http://www.ourfootprints.de/gps/mapsource-island_e.html) is an effort
started in 2004 to create a free of change Garmin map of Iceland, for
the past year I've been in contact with Thomas Ransberger who runs the
project about getting his data into OpenStreetMap since we share
similar goals.

A few days ago Thomas provided me with GPX traces & a dump of the road
data on his map to start with. That's 22MB of GPX traces and a 29MB
.osm file (the whole of Iceland.osm is around 67MB by comparison).
I've already imported the GPX data under a dedicated user account with
the .osm data to follow soon.

  The import user:
  The raw data: http://github.com/avar/ourfootprints-data
  Import scripts / documentation: http://github.com/avar/ourfootprints-import

Here's the 29MB .osm file which is approximately what I'll be
importing, after I've fixed up the source tags / highway tags etc.:

http://v.nix.is/~avar/noindex/ourfootprints/ofp.osm.bz2 !!

The plan is basically to upload that as-is except change the tags to
be e.g. ourfootprints:highway=residential instead of
highway=residential. That way a lot of duplicate data will be added to
the database temporarily until we manually review & sort it out by
either deleting it, merging it in to have highway=residential. Most of
the data users like the renderers, mkgmap etc. won't notice since the
roads will use previously unused tags.

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