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Toby Murray toby.murray at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 20:39:06 BST 2010

This seems pretty sane to me. Unfortunately the "Owner" attribute does
not really map to operator except for city and university racks. All
racks owned by businesses are "Private" although sometimes the note
field indicates the business name. So I guess that will take some
manual tweaking. I was thinking about using "MHK" as tag prefix. It is
the IATA airport code for the local airport but a lot of people use it
to refer to the city itself on IRC and such.

Thanks for the suggestions.


On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 12:10 PM, Alan Millar <am12 at bolis.com> wrote:
>> I've been working with a new local mapper on bicycle related things
>> recently. He talked to someone in the city government and got them to
>> donate a shapefile for use in OSM.
> You can always keep the original values with a tag prefix.  This may be
> very helpful later for values that don't have a common tag currently, but
> may in the future.  Some existing prefixes are things like tiger, nhd,
> gnis, and canvec.  Perhaps use the city name or department abbreviation.
> I would recommend keeping the ID so you can compare updates in the future.
> Actually, keep all of the fields that don't map directly into existing
> tags.  I personally like keeping original values that are interesting and
> descriptive, and also mapping into accepted OSM tags.
> For example, if weather_protected has just yes/no values, map it to
> "covered" and don't keep another tag for it.  But if it has other values
> that can be summarized into covered=yes/no, keep both.
>> The other tags I'm not as sure about. Owner can probably map to
>> access=* because its values indicate if it is owned by the city
> You can also use the "operator" tag with the original values of "Owner".
> This would be another one to keep both
> So I'd suggest something like:
> ID                > bikerack:ID
> Capacity          > Capacity
> Style             > bikerack:Style
> Condition         > bikerack:Condition
> Owner             > operator
> Owner             > access=yes/private
> Security          > bikerack:Security
> Locking           > bikerack:Locking
> Weather_protected > bikerack:Weather_protected
> Weather_protected > covered=yes/no
> Notes             > note
> but come up with a prefix more distinctive than "bikerack"
> - Alan
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