[Imports] Inserting OSM data

Jaak Laineste jaak at nutiteq.com
Tue Mar 23 11:26:23 GMT 2010

> > Has anyone experienced sync working? I know a lot of people have
> > imported with external IDs but I suspect that it's not going to work
> > when they actually come to updating one way or the other.
> I think it has been successfully used in re-importing/updating opengeodb
> in Germany and maybe other parts of Europe. But these were just place
> nodes. They even had a special tag, openGeoDB:auto_update, that would list
> which tags would be eligible for later sync.

 Maybe there is still a way to make external ID-s to work? Just for the
future APIs I suggest to give to original importer (or just editor) some
kind of priority over the others. Like possibility to lock/protect some
parts of the data. It could be done in several levels:
1) my inserted data (tag, node, relation, way - any of them) can be defined
as private, nobody else can not even see it.
2) my data is protected - you can see, but not modify
3) my data has group privacy/protection under my control: I can give view/
modify / delete permissions to specific users/groups
4) I can subscribe to notifications for any modifications of my data (this
specific piece of it). So I could easily see and revert changes.

 AFAIK OSM (API) does not support any of them now? It would improve not only
import/sync issue (I could lock my external ID-s), but also vandalism and
overall data maintentance.

 Of course it is more complex than just defining permissions, it could be
very easily misused if not made carefully. I suspect there have been already
long discussions about data permissions in general? 0.7 api wiki page has
some specific elements of it also.


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