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On 27 March 2010 10:28, Jaak Laineste <jaak at nutiteq.com> wrote:
>  I have a particular example: a friend just called me, and he is in board
> of
> national assiocation of museums. They have and maintain kind of official
> database of all museums in the country. They wanted to have them on web
> map,
> and I suggested to use OpenStreetMap, and not only as background image, but
> also insert their data as points to the OSM. This bought me several
> questions:
> - is the only legitimate way to have one-time bulk import, and then just
> hope that community will only improve it? Or could they have a bit more
> special control (external IDs, notifications, soft locking of some tags
> etc)
> over the data, at least to make their data maintenance easier. To enable
> more automatic sync with their in-house data maintenance systems and
> procedures.
Do they not trust OSM to keep their museums in place. You could very easily
write a script to query the xapi and return all museum nodes in an
area/country. You could then save that data and have your script flag nodes
that had moved (or moved more than so much).

- Today the only way for them is anyway double maintenance: they maintain
> their internal/primary database, and maybe they care to copy their
> day-to-day updates manually also to OSM. Is there a way to make maintenance
> of only their specific data in OSM easy?

How often does the location of a museum change!
If they were really worried about vandalism of OSM to vandalise their online
map, then they could use OSM as the base image and put some marker icons on
top. But that doesn't mean the museum nodes can't be imported to OSM one
time anyway.

> Also I cannot imagine this type of "once a month" users actually using
> hard-core mapping beasts like JOSM

JOSM is a mapping beast?
Some people with their own data will find JOSM far easier despite a lack of
OSM experience. I for one hate the learning curve on Potlatch and so remain
near the bottom of it.

, maximum what they could care to learn
> would be somewhere in Potlatch (but without the roads!) / Mapzen level.
Having the roads scares them? Who are these people! When they drive a car,
do they block out the side windows so they're not distracted by the

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