[Imports] Inserting OSM data

Jaak Laineste jaak at nutiteq.com
Sun Mar 28 10:09:11 BST 2010

> >> Is there a way to make maintenance
> >> of only their specific data in OSM easy?
> >
> > I think we're having different pictures here. OSM is not a platform
> > which you can use to host "your" data. The data ceases to become "yours"
> > once it is in OSM. If that fundamental idea doesn't get across, then
> > further discourse is fruitless.
> >
> > If they are willing to accept the paradigm shift and say: We used to
> > be the keeper of the official list of museums, but now we see
> > ourselves as a guardian of community museum data in OSM - checking it,
> > refining it, and making sure it doesn't get damaged - then there might
> > be common ground.

The issue is that OSM is pretty limited on maintaining anything more than
location and very basic tags about POI-s. The museum data what I got as
sample has total 52 fields: name and HTML descriptions in 3 languages,
photos, opening hours, contacts (email,web,post, phones), organization
details, tickets,access (wheelchair, public transport details), different
flags etc. Perhaps it is not good idea to add all of it to the OSM?
Technically it could be there, except some of the media (rich text as HTML,
images, videos). Community-driven approach would be to create full Wikipedia
pages about each of the museums, and have the URLs in OSM data?

Thanks for the suggestions, my summary:
a) It is and will never be possible to protect any data in the OSM. Even if
it is something like a private external ID to make my later updates a bit
easier. Protected data belongs to their internal database and you cannot use
OSM for it.

b) For monitoring of specific data subset in OSM there is no yet public tool
"notify about changes of my added objects".  If we need it, we should create
it ourselves, using XAPI and some one-line crontab job. Maybe someone
already has a script for it?

c) What is the easiest tool to be suggested to the POI managers? Of course
we can suggest also full editors and hope that they will start to take
contribute also other data, but I'm afraid the first look to full data
editors like Mapzen or Potlatch could scare them off (too much data,
everything is editable, no tag-based find/filtering of, no lowerzoom
overviews). We have an ongoing activity to translate JOSM and its manuals to
the local language, and I'm creating training programme for it, but these
are for serious mappers. http://ae.osmsurround.org/# is almost something
what they would need, but this has too general filtering (cannot filter by
amenity=museum). It has to be as easy as Google My Maps. Actually the
situation is that I'm trying to turn the people away from using MyMaps and
some other commercial web- mapping tools. So it has to be as easy as


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