[Imports] MapQuest translation of Beijing - requesting feedback

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Oct 27 06:17:17 UTC 2010


On 10/26/10 23:56, Hardgrave, Roman wrote:
> Also, if the existing name attribute contained
> westernized names (rather than native), we'd move that data from the name
> attribute to the name:en attribute.

I'd say copy (if at all), not move; IMHO a street should always have a 
"name" tag. Something with a "name:en" but no "name" is very unusual in 
OSM (only 1.7% of objects with "name:en" don't have "name").

> 4) Download the osm data again to get latest set
> 5) Reform the osm data file with the new translated fields by inserting xml
> tags for the native and english language attribute for nodes/ways, matching
> by ID
>      a) Would check first that the Version is the same before updating
>      b) Ones with different Versions would be retrieved for manual
> inspection/resolution

Not sure I understand this correctly. If you do (4) then you have the 
latest data set and you will apply your change to that. Then 5(a) makes 
no sense (what version would you compare against?). Instead, just upload 
the stuff and if one of the objects should have changed in between (4) 
and (6) the API will give you an error message.

Having said that, I agree with Richard Weait that, if feasible, an 
"integrated" approach would always be nicer.


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