[Imports] MapQuest translation of Beijing - requesting feedback

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Wed Oct 27 10:59:20 UTC 2010

>> 4) Download the osm data again to get latest set
>> 5) Reform the osm data file with the new translated fields by inserting 
>> xml
>> tags for the native and english language attribute for nodes/ways, 
>> matching
>> by ID
>>      a) Would check first that the Version is the same before updating
>>      b) Ones with different Versions would be retrieved for manual
>> inspection/resolution
> Not sure I understand this correctly. If you do (4) then you have the 
> latest data set and you will apply your change to that. Then 5(a) makes no 
> sense (what version would you compare against?). Instead, just upload the 
> stuff and if one of the objects should have changed in between (4) and (6) 
> the API will give you an error message.

  5a could be a check if the value of nameNative changed during the 
translation cycle.   That would mean that the translation may be invalid - 
and those entries would be discarded or reviewed.

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