[Imports] "readonly" tag for imported data (ask "simple" editors to not modify)?

Michal Palenik michal.palenik at freemap.sk
Tue Apr 26 13:03:15 UTC 2011

On Sun, Apr 24, 2011 at 07:17:44PM -0700, Alan Mintz wrote:
> At 2011-04-24 15:36, Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> >Jan Iven wrote:
> >>As such, is there some agreed way for a large-scale import to pass
> >>the message to editors such as Potlatch that they need not bother
> >>editing these features? (this would allow me to go off and pester
> >>these editors to actually honour such an attribute). Of course, the
> >>editor could chose not to honour this (i.e. JOSM when
> >>importing/improving some CORINE areas), but at least this would then
> >>be intentional.
> >Potlatch is not a "simple" editor. You can, and many people do,
> >use it as your sole OSM editor. I will categorily not permit any
> >function to be added to it that prevents certain items from being
> >edited.
> How about not "prevent", but at least warn the user and ask them to
> confirm when editing such features? The admin borders are a perfect
> example where it would take some real research to manually
> edit/correct them. 

i'd be happy for some kind of authorisation/censorship of some kind of
edits, to prevent vandalism/edits by newbies. some cases this should be
drawing of new highway=motorway (a group in the city is sure it is
complete and nobody will draw a phrases like "I LOVE YOU" from motorways
visible on z12)
connecting of ways that do not belong to the same relation (so messing
bus routes and turn restrictions)
creating unusable relations (turn restriction relation with one member)
creating wrong tags (line oneway="yes;no" - viva la potlatch)
(btw, real life stories)

so sooner or later, there will be need for some hierarchy (newbie,
advanced, ...) which will be connected to certain rights in certain
regions. hard task but neccessary in the near future, imho.


ps: sorry for my pesimistic words like "vandalism", please exchange them
for "side effects of newbies activity" when appropriate.

michal palenik

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