[Imports] considering an import of Montreal burrows shapefiles

Antoine Beaupré anarcat+osmlists at anarcat.ath.cx
Thu Dec 8 02:18:09 UTC 2011

[please CC, i am not on the list.]


I am considering an import of the newly opened shapefiles of the burrows
of Montreal (Canada):


I am wondering if anyone worked with a similar task before, or is
working on Montreal imports that could be of help.

I am specifically looking for helps over licensing concerns (upstream is
a custom CC-BY-SA). Is that ok with the current license? How does that
work with the new license (ODL)?

I am also looking for feedback for import of .SHP files.

Let me know,


PS: I have created the headings on the wiki page on my own, but is there
a canonical source/template for such a page? Seems rather silly that we
all have to rebuild this page from scratch each time... :)

feature, n: a documented bug | bug, n: an undocumented feature
                        - Mario S F Ferreira <lioux at FreeBSD.org>
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