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Tom Ponte tgis at bendbroadband.com
Wed Feb 9 19:27:39 GMT 2011

I just imported an OSM area that I am planning on doing some imports to my
machine. I am testing out the ESRI OSM import extension for ArcGIS. In the
osmuser attribute field there are a couple of edits listed that are not
listed as Tiger data based on the user names. Most of them for instance say
JohnDoeTiger so I am assuming that if there was not tiger after the osmuser
name it isn't tiger data. They have dates listed for the timestamp that are
much newer than most of the data that was done by JohnDoeTiger.  There is no
field identifying the data source which surprises me. I just went into the
potlatch editor and selected a few of the roads I am not sure of and they
say they are tiger data however. How come if there are six tags visible when
editing in Potlach that all start with tiger:xxxxxx that none of that comes
through when you import the data? Dozens of other fields like waterway,
landuse, man-made etc.  Is that a unique to the ESRI extension import? Do I
need to back up and spend some time with JOSM to compare?

I did a little looking around on this but if you did find something that was
edited locally how do you contact the person who did the edit if you think
your data is better than their edit? I am not seeing any contact info when I
am in edit mode with Potlatch. This is probably a newbie question but I am
not finding the answer on dozens of edit related wiki pages - (that I can
see). I don't think I need to in this case but just for future reference.


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On 2/3/2011 9:17 PM, Tom Ponte wrote:
> But before I get too far along with that is there any talk of updating
> these roads with newer data like the newer tiger data -(for all forest
> service districts)? I haven't looked into how much of that there is in
> the areas managed by the FS to see it is available or if it is any
> better - as good as etc. I sort of doubt it is better or as good unless
> it is now derived from FS data somehow.

   I believe that having the best data is the way to go - in this case 
if you can verify that centerlines are accurate, current and have names, 
it is unlikely that the latest TIGER would be better, so a replace and 
connect to border roads operation would seem to be a good plan.

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