[Imports] Let's map National Park week! (was: Imports, trails, POIs for National Parks)

Coast, Hurricane hurricane.coast at mapquest.com
Sun Feb 20 01:33:17 UTC 2011

Hi Samat,

Sorry, you must have misread my intent.
I totally agree that hiking the park is not only 'better' buy more fun,
especially for a PotW.
I have just put so many topics in to one email.
I do think some things are 'necessary' to import. Like Park boundaries,
though there is always discussion on the accuracy and how 'good' those are
too. Hrm :-/

I would love for National Parks week to be a "hands on, hike with your
GPS, take your kid/boyscout/girlscout out and explore event'. Who can help


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>On Tuesday, February 15, 2011 05:23:28 PM Coast, Hurricane wrote:
>> Any suggestions on where to look for other users interested in this, or
>>free and open data import sites, all information will be helpful.
>IMHO, it's a _very_ bad idea to suggest doing imports as a PotM?
>Perhaps, for National Park Week, something about carrying a GPS/using a
>smartphone as a GPS and creating GPS track for whatever someone hikes?
>More than likely, such tracks will be more accurate than imported data
>(which in my experience, varies).

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