[Imports] Let's map National Park week! (was: Imports, trails, POIs for National Parks)

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Thu Feb 24 03:28:53 UTC 2011

On Saturday, February 19, 2011 06:33:17 PM Coast, Hurricane wrote:
> I do think some things are 'necessary' to import. Like Park boundaries,
> though there is always discussion on the accuracy and how 'good' those are
> too. Hrm :-/

Something I discovered about many boundaries… a lot of them imported into OSM are completely *WRONG*. I.e.


There's already a (ridiculously) huge thread about imports going on talk right now. I don't need to repeat it, but a theme from that thread: people don't check things.

Back to the original thread… many people have been posting public-domain sources… rather than them going on the Potential Datasources page:


maybe it'd be better to place them onto the page for the locality? For example, I've been putting stuff for New Mexico here:


The idea: it's in a place local mappers will find it, and not in a place that gung-ho armchair importers will look for their next importing project.

> I would love for National Parks week to be a "hands on, hike with your
> GPS, take your kid/boyscout/girlscout out and explore event'. Who can help
> coordinate?

I'd not mind, but I'm not sure what's involved…?

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