[Imports] Announcement: Corine 2006 Land Cover Import for Republic of Ireland

Jaak Laineste jaak at nutiteq.com
Mon Jan 17 17:00:39 GMT 2011

 I've done Corine import for Estonia a year ago and it was quite big work. My short suggestion would be: don't do it.

 The core issue is that Corine is low-medium scale map, OSM is high scale map. Yes, you'll get nice green image in lower zooms, but in higher zooms it creates data which does not match with any existing data, especially roads, rivers, lakes and coastline. It has just too low resolution, it is too generalized but OSM data model does not support generalizations (and I doubt if it comes in any near future, maybe never).  You will get still a lot of extra data, but it is quite painful to be fixed (e.g. to be matched with good accuracy lakes). Typical fix now is that if you map some rural area, then just delete any corine stuff from it beforehand, and draw new data from aerials or other high-resolution available data.

 I would suggest to create regional .osm files (for counties or municipalities) for forests and other more interesting themes, but just share them for handpicking specific polygons (copy-paste in JOSM), do not import them automatically. I don't know your local situation: maybe you have some remote areas where there is no higher resolution data or anyone to map, then careful import (but as little as possible) may be reasonable. In Estonia we don't have really such areas, even if it is one of the lowest population density countries in Europe. 

 So if possible, I'd revert Corine import for our country, but there is no really way to do it. Which is actually another reason not to do it.


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> Dear mappers,
> I wish to announce the planned import of the Corine 2006 land cover data set
> for the Republic of Ireland, as outlined here:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Republic_of_Ireland_Corine_2006_Import
> I welcome comments, warnings, suggestions etc. I particularly welcome
> suggestions connected with the Mapnik difficulties noted down the bottom of
> the page. We will be reluctant to import while there is a chance that our data set
> can break the rendering process.
> Thanks,
> Dermot
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