[Imports] Arkansas address point import

Mike N niceman at att.net
Thu Jan 27 00:56:04 GMT 2011

On 1/25/2011 12:14 PM, Nathan Mills wrote:
> I propose to import the situs address points available from Geostor

    In considering future synchronization cycles with point data, 
several cases can be seen:

  A.  Mapper deletes an address node.
  B.  Mapper moves an address node.
  C.  Mapper creates a new address node.
  D.  GeoStor data deletes an address node
  E.  GeoStor data moves an address node
  F.  GeoStor data creates an address node
  G.  A street is renamed

   For case A, you would not want to have the address node pop up again 
from a future update.
   For case B, you would not want to re-place a node in the old location.
   For case C, you would not want to place a duplicate address node from 
   Case D should result in removal of the address from OSM
   Case E should relocate the node in OSM.
   Case F should upload the new node.

  So how can this be accomplished?   For case A, you have a node that 
isn't found in OSM's database, so it should be uploaded, but there is no 
way to know that the node was actually deleted.  To handle this, the 
previously uploaded dataset can be used to determine a delta.

  Future update cycles might be -

   Create Geostor delta consisting of adds, deletes, and moves since the 
previous upload.
	Adds which are not a duplicate of existing OSM (houseNumber+StreetName) 
will be uploaded.
	Deletes will be removed from OSM if found.  A question is whether to 
also automatically delete mapper-created addresses by matching 
	Moved nodes will be relocated if the original node has not been moved.

   The street rename case just involves updating changed information for 
the matching OSM (houseNumber+streetName) node, which might have been 
originally created by Geostor or a mapper.

   The Geostor object ID could be useful for matching objects between 
the databases.

    It would seem that it is useful to retain the last uploaded dataset 
somewhere.  Does Geostor retain an archive of all previous versions of 

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