[Imports] import of data - which account to use?

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 02:49:10 BST 2011

On 24 June 2011 11:53, Mike N <niceman at att.net> wrote:
>  The preferred approach is definitely a separate account for that import.
>  There are other ways to identify the import, even if a separate account is
> not used, but such solutions take more time from those who might need to
> inspect / change something directly related to the import.

we are going to involve as many people as possible to do the import,
to enable locals to merge data near them. this means mappers are less
likely to be annoyed at their data being trampled on, and more likely
to understand subtleties that a remote mapper wouldn't know about. so,
there could well be 20 or 30 people working on this

how would you suggest we do that, one new account for each mapper? or
one account which all share? i can see both approaches getting messy

>  If you don't already have and regularly check multiple email addresses,
> this can be a challenge.   With GMail, there is a way to create an alias for
> the import account, but a message from anyone trying to contact you will
> show up in the inbox:

hmm, something else to consider


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