[Imports] Importing Data from OpenTopography and EarthScope

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importing buildings is not really a problem in my eyes. If you look in
France, you will see that we are massively importing buildings based on
cadastral plans. Having more buildings isn't a bad thing, it just needs to
be available in a way where people won't massively import them without
checking if they have already been imported.
Else I am looking forward to have LIDAR information.
Andy's advice are also pretty good.

Emilie Laffray

On 4 May 2011 10:08, Daniel Lee <lee at isi-solutions.org> wrote:

> Hello fellow OSMer,
> I lead a small startup company from Germany that performs analyses of the
> rooftop solar energy potential in cities. As a proof-of-concept project
> we'll be using free data to perform our first solar analysis in America. The
> study area consists of two neighborhoods in Hayward, California. Using data
> derived from EarthScope LiDAR scans, hosted on OpenTopography.org, we will
> (among other things) identify all the buildings that we use for our analysis
> (somewhere between 1 and 2 thousand, if I remember correctly).
> We'd like to donate these buildings to OSM. Naturally, the solar analysis
> data is irrelevant, but I personally really like having buildings on the OSM
> maps and since we'll be producing them anyway, I'd like to make them
> available to the OSM community.
> In summary, that means that my company (International Solar Information
> Solutions) would contribute the building outlines to OSM with no licensing
> requirements. These data would be derived from the EarthScope Data, obtained
> from OpenTopography. My question here is: Both sources require
> acknowledgement (it's just a sentence that should be included with the data,
> you can find it here: http://www.opentopography.org/index.php/about/citing).
> Can we donate this data to OSM, or would it be more trouble than it's worth?
> Potentially, other city areas would be donated in the future; this is a
> small scale project that should hopefully be followed by more larger-scale
> things.
> Thanks a lot! I'd really appreciate your opinions/any hard answers that you
> have.
> Regards,
> Daniel
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