[Imports] [OpenSeaMap-develop] Bad listoflights import

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon May 16 11:08:57 UTC 2011


On 05/16/2011 12:15 PM, Matthias Urlichs wrote:
>> Sending an email without making sure it actually appears on the targeted
>> list does not count as discussing the issue with the local community.
> If the admin doesn't approve the email, there's no other way.
> How long do you propose to wait?

If the rules say you must discuss the issue before going ahead, and 
technical or other reasons prevent you from discussing the issue, then 
you cannot go ahead. I don't propose to "wait" in that case, I propose 
to either seek other means of discussing the issue, or abandon the cause.

(In this particular situation, I assume that a subscription to the 
mailing list in question would have been enough to make a discussion 
possible, and I am slightly concerned about the fact that this seemed to 
be too high a hurdle for the would-be importer.)

> Anyway, what I fail to see in this discussion (on both sides) is a
> constructive proposal how to proceed, i.e. the goal should be a map with
> correct lights metadata _and_ location.

That is not necessarily everyone's goal. Personally, I would add 
"without alienating or harming the community" to that.

> Thus, "not importing" is not
> particularly constructive since then we get neither.

If getting good data is only possible by alienating the community then 
"getting neither" might be the most "constructive" option.

> The lights are tagged as fixme.
> Is that mark displayed by renderers in some way?

There are special renderers (eg OSM Inspector and ITO Maps) that display 
the FIXME tag, and it is also highlighted in some editors.

> IMHO it's better to have a somewhat-inaccurate map which then can be
> easily improved by everybody, than an empty map.

There's definitely no consensus here; there are many who would prefer an 
empty map to one that looks good at first sight but turns out to be 
crappy on closer inspection. I'm not taking sides in this, I'm just 
saying that your HO is, in this case, really your personal opinion and 
not something others necessarily share.


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