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Lulu-Ann at gmx.de Lulu-Ann at gmx.de
Thu May 19 10:37:31 UTC 2011

Hello András!

you wrote:
> I am contacting you and OSM on behalf of MOL Group. We operate 1630 fuel
> filling stations in the European region under 7 brands: MOL, Slovnaft, INA,
> Tifon, IES, Energopetrol, ROTH. Countries involved are Hungary, Slovakia,
> Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia, Italy.
> You can find out more about us here: http://www.mol.hu/en/.

Thank you for your data offer. I have forwarded your email to the imports mailing list and I recommend you subscribe it.



> We plan to be available to our travelling audience on OSM maps as well.

> I have studied the way OSM operates, and found that there is a great
> emphasis on communication. The reason this letter is written is firstly to greet
> the community and share our plan about uploading our POI content of cca.
> 1650 filling stations. Hereby I ask your kind approval to this upload.

This plan is very welcome.
But you don't actually need my approval, I am just a voluntarily contributor to OSM like anybody else.

I will help you to take the right steps before the data upload.
My spare time is rare and I will not find time to help you with the upload and afterwards, so the contributors from the imports mailing list will support you.

First you are asked to add a line to the imports cataloge page in the wiki.

You will also want to make your self familiar with the Import Guidelines on this page.

Second we need to make sure that the donated data can be published with both OSM licenses, see "license" on the OSM Wiki.

Then we should assure the data quality by comparing your GPS position data with some already collected OSM data of the same station.

How did you get your GPS coordinates? Did you grab them from Geocoders? Did you go there with a GPS? Did you point with the mouse on a map service?

> About the method of uploading: 
> Considering the magnitude of data, I would really prefer some batch upload
> methodology. 

All data is uploaded to OSM in XML files of OSM DTD only.

> To find the easiest way I have made some research and found a
> peer who already managed such uploading task in case of electric charging
> stations: http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/eladestationen
> This community member, named “eladestationen” will send a monthly set
> of data on electric charging station POI-s to OSM for uploading. 

"eladestationen" is me (for the communication to RWE at the beginning) and the person in cc, Dietmar, who did the upload.
The data provider is RWE.

> I am asking the responsible person if I could go by the same procedure,
> i.e.: I send the coordinates, with company names, icons, etc to OSM who
> uploads them to the map. In order to continuously maintain the actual status of
> our filling station network we can send updates of closed or newly opened
> filling stations monthly or quarterly.

If you can provide xml instead of Excel files we would be happy.
Dietmar, can you take some more?

> Thanks for your kind coperation, 

Thank you for your data offer.
Best Regards

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