[Imports] [OpenSeaMap-develop] Bad listoflights import

Matthias Urlichs matthias at urlichs.de
Mon May 16 10:15:46 UTC 2011


Frederik Ramm:
> Bernhard R. Fischer wrote:
> >> 3. This import touched the Philippines but I was unable to find any
> >> discussion on talk-ph@
> > 
> > I mailed to talk-ph, talk-ko, and talk-tw on 24th of April but the mails have 
> > been queued somewhere to get approved by an administrator. Load is very low on 
> > those lists.
> Sending an email without making sure it actually appears on the targeted 
> list does not count as discussing the issue with the local community.
If the admin doesn't approve the email, there's no other way.
How long do you propose to wait?

Anyway, what I fail to see in this discussion (on both sides) is a
constructive proposal how to proceed, i.e. the goal should be a map with
correct lights metadata _and_ location. Thus, "not importing" is not
particularly constructive since then we get neither.

The lights are tagged as fixme.
Is that mark displayed by renderers in some way?

IMHO it's better to have a somewhat-inaccurate map which then can be
easily improved by everybody, than an empty map. Particularly since
entering the data is a non-trivial and somewhat-error-prone task.

And, last but not least: How terminally stupid can one be to release such a
list with truncated location accuracy? Is there no way to get a more
accurate list?

-- Matthias Urlichs

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