[Imports] Acadia National Park

Kerry Gallivan kerry_gallivan at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 16 22:05:33 BST 2011

Thanks, Greg, et al, for the feedback. The data is located on the NPS data store at the following URL:


I imported the data into Merkaator to view and clean it up with labeling, etc. I'm quite familiar with the park (develop mobile apps for national parks - www.chimani.com) and the trails would complete the entire trail network. Currently there are only about 15% of trail coverage which has been traced by individual users. 



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  The National Park Service has recently released updated GPS trail data
  (public domain, for Acadia National Park (Maine, USA). Currently there
  is a tremendous gap in trail data for the park. This would be a
  reliable bulk import of data which would server as an excellent base
  for future user-based data to be build upon. What that are other
  people's thoughts on this import?

Is there really so much data that it has to be treated as "bulk import"?
Can you for example get it into OSM format and edit the area in josm and
sanity-check/quality-control it, verify it doesn't conflict, etc?  If
so, you're not really in "import" land and are in a space with fewer

From a quick glance at the map, there is some existing data.

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