[Imports] Acadia National Park

Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Mon Oct 17 15:48:58 BST 2011

I've uploaded the trail shapefile to GeoCommons:
http://geocommons.com/maps/108641 (trails over OSM map)
geocommons.com/overlays/166479 (just the trail dataset)

Could you please share with us your converted and cleaned up version
as a OSM.XML file? Could you also share your attribute to tag mapping
(and your ogr2osm or shp-to-osm conversion file if available)? I'd
like to know how you plan to handle the ref=* key, whether to use just
the trail number or trail+section number. Here's my stab at a

TRAILTYPE: "Existing/Maintained", "Existing/Old Fire Road" -
Irrelevant for OSM, both are maintained just different
TRAILNAME: map to name=*
ALTTRLNAME: map to alt_name=*
NUM_SEC: map to ref=*
MapCOLOR: map to colour=* using below table (given as HSV, but must use RGB)

Anemone Violet, 284-100-90, #A800E6
Seville Orange, 40-100-90, #E69900
Lapis Lazuli, 216-100-90, #005CE6
Leaf Green, 100-100-66, #38A800
Poinsetta Red, 0-100-90, #E60000

And of course you're more familiar with the park, but maybe use:
operator=United States National Park Service


On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 5:05 PM, Kerry Gallivan
<kerry_gallivan at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thanks, Greg, et al, for the feedback. The data is located on the NPS data store at the following URL:
> https://irma.nps.gov/App/Reference/Profile/2169900
> I imported the data into Merkaator to view and clean it up with labeling, etc. I'm quite familiar with the park (develop mobile apps for national parks - www.chimani.com) and the trails would complete the entire trail network. Currently there are only about 15% of trail coverage which has been traced by individual users.
> Thoughts?
> Kerry
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>   The National Park Service has recently released updated GPS trail data
>   (public domain, for Acadia National Park (Maine, USA). Currently there
>   is a tremendous gap in trail data for the park. This would be a
>   reliable bulk import of data which would server as an excellent base
>   for future user-based data to be build upon. What that are other
>   people's thoughts on this import?
> Is there really so much data that it has to be treated as "bulk import"?
> Can you for example get it into OSM format and edit the area in josm and
> sanity-check/quality-control it, verify it doesn't conflict, etc?  If
> so, you're not really in "import" land and are in a space with fewer
> perils.
> From a quick glance at the map, there is some existing data.
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