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Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Wed Oct 19 17:54:16 BST 2011

"Metcalf, Calvin (DOT)" <calvin.metcalf at state.ma.us> writes:

> As towns are the primary division in MA that peole tend to use I'd
> like to add them to osm.  From what I can tell a few have been put in
> near NH as boundary relations (tyngsborough and dunstable) one has
> been put in as a closed way (stow) and 10 or so have been put in in
> the south west as multipolygon relations.

I put Stow in, and only did Stow because I knew it was a temporary
not-quite-right solution. 

> Looking for some suggestions on the best way to do it, seems to me
> after playing around a bit last night that it would be something along
> the lines of taking the town boundary arcs from massgis, probably
> simplifing them, deleting any arc already up (county boundery, state
> boundary coast), uploading those arcs as ways with boundary=admin and
> admin_level=8, add admin_level=8 to the current 4 and 6 ways, a/d then
> longer term putting in the relations.

I am not clear on if it's ok for a boundary to be a number of ways, but
given that's how relations would work it should be ok.

I think you should be expecting to replace coastline and county
boundaries.  The county boundaries are from TIGER, I think, and they're
not very accurate.  At least near Stow (Bolton, Harvard), where I've
visited the physical marks and confirmed the accuracy of the massgis
data (to within GPS accuracy).  The coastline is also not very accurate,
and the existing coastline does not match up with county boundaries very

I don't know about the adjoining state boundaries and how good they are.

If you do that, it would be ok with me (as original editor of it) to
nuke the Stow boundary as long as you end up with it fixed the new way

> Is there a better or easier way? Which of the 3 ways used so far is
> prefered (if any).  And if I wanted to add cambridge and boston
> neiborhoods how would I tag that (cambridge I made myself as cambridge
> gis somehow figured out how to embed a pdf inside a kml).

So I think the best way is even harder than what you've proposed, and I
haven't done it because I haven't had the time to do it right.  (Instead
I did just Stow quick&dirty, knowing that undoing that would not be hard
when the time came to do it right.)

But, I think you could take the massgis arcs, upload them all, and that
will result in duplicate arcs where massgis data is already there, and
we can have manual cleanup.   For places where the county line doesn't
match with tiger, we can also fix those up by moving the county tags,
and then removing the old ways.

This approach will have some messy extra lines for a little while, but
won't have anything really broken.
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