[Imports] town boundaries

Metcalf, Calvin (DOT) calvin.metcalf at state.ma.us
Fri Oct 21 15:02:36 UTC 2011

Yeah I'm going through them, there pretty easy to see on mapnik, 
I also think I know how that happened, at one point josm timed out as it was uploading the data and I had to restart the upload, I bet that the batch that it timed out on, did get uploaded just the confirmation didn't get though. Especially as josm will try like 5 times to upload it it explains why so many copies of the same random ways got up. 
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>Are you going to systematically go through and find/fix all 
>the bad data
>From yesterday's upload?  I'm guessing it's all from that because it
>seems most of these borders weren't in before then.
>(Things like this are part of what leads to the post, wait for review
>notion that was expressed by some during the earlier discussion....)

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