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Metcalf, Calvin (DOT) calvin.metcalf at state.ma.us
Sat Oct 22 19:10:50 UTC 2011

The massachetetts admin 8 boundaries are in but it didn't go quite as smoothly as i'd like, though I will point out that with the exception of stow nothing already in was replaced. The issues
1. due to a josm bug upto 9 copies of some ways got uploaded, these are easy to fix and are noticable on the render due to being darker.  I think Ive got all the ones in areas with recent tiles in mapnik, but if you see one feel free to shoot me an email with the coordinates (or take care of it your self).
2.  i realized thanks to greg that the non coast version of the boundaries actually uses older data then the with coast. as (stow excepted) I wasn't replacing anything it's still a net gain (ie i replaced nothing with suboptimal not good with suboptimal)

Proposal for going forward.  Nuke all the admin 4 though 8 boundaries and relations in MA and replace with ways from the Mass GIS town survay arcs and 368 relations (1 state, 16 counties, 351 towns (we will have to discuse nantuket), but only after we get the new stuff set up.  I can set up a github (or similar i'm open to suggestions) repo to store the working files to.

On a similar note Id like to fix up the boston subway system. currently there are single routes for the orange and blue lines, a single red line route that includes both branches as well as the mattapan high speed line (which is coloured simalarly but is seperit) and a mess of unorganized ways for the green line I'll post what i have which is somewhat rough.

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Thankfully stow was the only place where I nuked any data i also did that in its own change set #9608633
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Here's another corner where the import seems off, and i have overlayed
an old copy of the corners data as gpx (that i converted...), plus my


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