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Peter Dobratz peter at dobratz.us
Fri Oct 21 03:23:41 UTC 2011

Thanks for uploading these borders.

Building on my recently added relations for Tyngsborough and
Dunstable, I decided to create a relation for Chelmsford.  On the
Chelmsford/Westford border you created 7 overlapping Ways, so I
deleted 6 of them and then added the remaining one to the relation.
Also the Chelmsford/Billerica border there are 9 overlapping ways, so
I deleted 8 of them.

Browsing through the state, it appears that this problem is fairly
widespread.  These can be easily seen on the Mapnik rendering since
they are shown as thicker lines.  Once you realize what is going on,
it's not too hard to just delete all but one of the duplicate Ways in
JOSM as you are creating the relation.

On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 3:08 PM, Metcalf, Calvin (DOT)
<calvin.metcalf at state.ma.us> wrote:
> Ok uploading.
> The linework that didn't make it in (i.e. border's contagious with counties or towns that were already done) can be found at the link bellow for those who would like to help clean this up.
>  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37626989/other.xml
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>>Richard Weait <richard at weait.com> writes:
>>> Starting with Stow, (is this the right Stow?)
>>> you might decide that the existing town border is
>>correct-enough, then
>>> merge the Worcester / Middlesex border to the town line
>>where they are
>>> expected to overlap.  Refer to other sources, perhaps aerial imagery,
>>> at the same time and you'll have the opportunity to fix
>>other problems
>>> in / around Stow as well.  Then do a couple of the adjacent towns as
>>> well.  Adjacent towns should be easier because you'll have already
>>> sorted out one of the shared borders.
>>For the record, the Stow data was hand-imported by me from the
>>very same
>>database Calvin is using, and it's 100% ok with me to nuke what I did
>>and replace it with a new load of the same data.
>>(I intentionally did only my town because I knew we'd be
>>getting to this
>>later stage at some point, and wanted to create minimal additional work
>>for the later people.)
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