[Imports] illegal import in avalon area ?

Steven Le Roux steven at le-roux.info
Wed Sep 21 16:02:56 BST 2011

Hi there,

Beta testing a new heatmap real time service, I plugued osm into it to
see all the osm diffs in real time (depending on the brest (minutely)
osm diff available since there is no pub/sub infrastructure to do

Just looking the rendering : (I still have to fix some color stuff but
it's displaying anyway

I zoomed on the Avalon Wilderness reserve, and seeing a weird shape :

 I dig a little bit more to that :

I looked into the import catalog and can't find any reference to this,
but I dont really have the context for this country. Is it part of
TIGER set of data ?

is clearly showing that the source is the same than google's one, or
is google itself.

Maybe someone has a little bit more info regarding this case ?

Steven Le Roux
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