[Imports] Vermont Town boundaries from VCGI

Andrew Guertin Andrew.Guertin at uvm.edu
Wed Aug 8 06:32:30 BST 2012

The state of Vermont has boundaries in OSM for only a small fraction  
of its towns. I have received explicit permission from VCGI[1] to  
import their semi-authoritative and very well maintained boundary  
data[2]--which would otherwise be under too ambiguous of a  
license--into OSM.

I plan to use ogr2osm to convert the shapefile into an osm file, and  
use JOSM to do manual work. I will use XAPI to download everything in  
Vermont with either a boundary or place tag[3] as candidates for  
replacement, modification, or deletion.

I am aware of numerous objects in OSM at present that will require  
manual effort (e.g. roads and boundaries improperly sharing a way,  
where the road should not be deleted), so everything will be manually  

To my knowledge, nearly all existing data came from TIGER. I plan to  
completely replace this. If any user-surveyed data is found it will be  
reviewed case-by-case basis, as the VCGI data may be of higher quality  
than a user survey.

Notwithstanding the above, there are few existing village and town  
boundaries, and they will be replaced. County boundaries are currently  
complete, but they will be replaced to match town boundaries. The  
state boundary will not be modified[4].

I plan to use my normal account for this, as it is probably a single  
commit. As requested, I will credit the Vermont Center for Geographic  
Information and the State of Vermont--I plan to do this in object  
source tags, in the changeset source, and on  

Any comments?

[1] http://www.vcgi.org/
http://www.vcgi.org/dataware/?page=./search_tools/search_action.cfm&query=theme&theme=003, layer    
[3] Are there any other tags I should be looking at?
[4] Except, of course, with the addition of nodes, etc, where  
necessary for technical reasons

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