[Imports] Vermont Town boundaries from VCGI

Andrew Guertin andrew.guertin at uvm.edu
Wed Aug 8 15:07:50 BST 2012

On 08/08/2012 09:44 AM, Eric Ladner wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 12:32 AM, Andrew Guertin <Andrew.Guertin at uvm.edu> wrote:
>> The state of Vermont has boundaries in OSM for only a small fraction of its
>> towns. I have received explicit permission from VCGI[1] to import their
>> semi-authoritative and very well maintained boundary data[2]--which would
>> otherwise be under too ambiguous of a license--into OSM.
> Is there a wiki page created for this import?  I think that's a good
> place to keep all the info in addition to proposed tagging of the
> imported data, info on the source, etc.  I think the page would be
> named for the source "VCGI" and all imports from them listed there.

Aha! I knew there was something I forgot about!

> See the checklist:  http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import_guidelines

Indeed. I'm familiar with its contents but had forgotten to reread it to
make sure I got everything.

>> I plan to use ogr2osm to convert the shapefile into an osm file, and use
>> JOSM to do manual work. I will use XAPI to download everything in Vermont
>> with either a boundary or place tag[3] as candidates for replacement,
>> modification, or deletion.
> I can't remember if ogr2osm handles overlapping segments (converting
> them to multi-polygons).  I used a three step process:  load the
> shapfile into postgis, process with a GIS tool (grass or QGIS), then
> export to OSM or shape file for further processing before loading.
> As mostly a manual mapper, I can stress that multipolygons are the way
> to go for areas that are adjacent.

Way deduplication/relation creation has not been re-added to the current
version of ogr2osm. I'm torn between adding it or splitting ways and
creating multipolygons manually. Based on the size of the data set, it
would probably take about the same amount of time, so I think I will try
to add the functionality to ogr2osm.


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