[Imports] YahooJapan/ALPSMAP imports

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sat Aug 18 09:29:58 BST 2012

I happened to look at the tagging of a YahooJapan/ALPSMAP imported way, and was wondering about some of the tagging.

For the example way http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/176616956 the non-standard OSM tags are

yh:LINE_NAME = 高原野尻線
yh:LINE_NUM = 29
yh:TOTYUMONO = 供用中
yh:TYPE = 主要地方道(都道府県道)
yh:WIDTH = 5.5m〜13.0m

I wonder about if a few of these should be imported.

yh:LINE_NAME appears to duplicate name=*. If it's duplicating another tag, it shouldn't really be imported
yh:LINE_NUM appears to duplicate ref=*
yh:TOTYUMONO has two values which translate to in service and under construction. A query reveals that the under construction ones are tagged with highway=construction construction=*. This appears to duplicate other OSM tags.
yh:TYPE appears to duplicate highway=* information

yh:WIDTH, yh:WIDTH_RANK and yh:STRUCTURE are all undocumented on the wiki. yh:STRUCTURE appears to duplicate tunnel/bridge tagging but I'm not sure.

If these tags are unnecessary they could be added to the list of tags that are silently removed by JOSM when an object is modified. Is there any information yh:LINE_NAME, yh:LINE_NUM, yh:TOTYUMONO or yh:TYPE that is not already in normal OSM tags?

I am not sure who is responsible for the tagging of the import files. I've cc'ed Hiroshi Miura since he's the listed contact.

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